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Line Gebauer


Line completed her MA in Psychology at Aarhus University, Denmark.  She is doing her PhD in Prof. Peter Vuust’s Music in the Brain group at the Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience, Aarhus University Hospital. Line is currently a member of the ABCD lab where she is investigating the neurobiological correlates of autistic traits in adults with autism spectrum disorders and in typically developing adults. She is also interested in understanding emotional responses to language and music in people with autism spectrum disorder.


Publication highlights

Gebauer, L., Kringelbach, M. & Vuust, P. (Submitted). Musical anticipation: Integrating perception and emotion in a predictive coding framework. Psychomusicology.

Gebauer, L. (2012). Autisme – når den sociale hjerne ikke virker. (English title: Autism – dysfunction   of the social brain). In A. Gade & J. Boegeskov (Eds.) “Den sociale hjerne”, København: HjerneForum. 

Gebauer, L. & Vuust, P. (2010). The Rewards of Music Listening: The role of midbrain dopamine in musical anticipation. Article for ICMPC-11 conference proceedings, Seattle, Aug. 2010.

Vuust, P., Gebauer, L., Jørgensen, S., Hansen, N., Møller, A. & Linnet, J. (2010). Personality Influences Career Choice: Sensation Seeking in Professional Musicians. Music Education Research, Volume 12, issue 2, pp.219.