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About Krista Hyde


Dr. Krista Hyde is an Associate Professor in the Dept. of Psychology, University of Montreal
and Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University
.  She is also a Faculty Member at the International Laboratory for Brain Music and Sound Research, Center for Research on Brain Language and Music and the 'Autism Research Training Program' (ART).   Dr. Hyde's research focuses on auditory brain, behavioral and cognitive development in typically-developing children and adults, as well as in individuals with autism spectrum disorders.  She also studies brain plasticity as a function of specialized training such as music and dance.  In her laboratory, Dr. Hyde uses a multi-disciplinary research approach combining MRI brain imaging techniques of structure and function with behavioral methods.  She is also interested in correlating brain and behavioral measures with genetic profiles in neurodevelopmental disorders.  Dr. Hyde's research has important implications in terms of fundamental science and clinical applications to better understand brain and behavioral interactions in typical and atypical development. 

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