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About Anastasia Sares


Anastasia graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelor's degree in Biological sciences. There, she participated in research on synaptic transmission in the Reist Laboratory as well as fMRI research on music processing in the Seger Laboratory. Anastasia is now a PhD student at McGill University in the Integrated Program in Neuroscience and is a member of the ABCD Lab, and is interested in the intersection between language and music processing.

Publication highlights

Sares, A. G., Foster, N. E. V., Allen, K., & Hyde, K. L. (2018). Pitch and time processing in speech and tones: the effects of musical training and attention. J Speech Lang Hear Res, doi:10.1044/2017_JSLHR-S-17-0207.
Seger, C. A., Spiering, B. J., Sares, A. G., Quraini, S. I., Alpeter, C. David, J., & Thaut, M. (2013). Corticostriatal Contributions to Musical Expectancy Perception. J Cognitive Neuro, 25(7) 1062-1077. doi:10.1162/jocn_a_00371

Mace, K. E., Biela, L. M., Sares, A. G., & Reist, N. E. (2009). Synaptotagmin I stabilizes synaptic vesicles via its C2A polylysine motif. Genesis, 47(5) 337-45. doi: 10.1002/dvg.20502