The Auditory Brain and Cognitive Development Laboratory

Principal Investigator

Krista L. Hyde, PhD

Assistant Professor, Departments of Psychiatry and Neurology and Neurosurgery, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University
Research Scientist, Montreal Children’s Hospital, Research Institute of the McGill University Health Center

Faculty Member, International Laboratory for Brain Music and Sound Research
(BRAMS) and Center for Research on Brain Language and Music (CRBLM)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Our Mission

Our lab mission is to
better understand the behavioral and brain correlates of human sound processing (such as music and speech) in both typical and atypical development, such as autism. We also conduct studies on learning and brain plasticity across development in individuals with specialized training such as music and dance.  Our multidisciplinary team includes researchers and trainees from the basic and applied sciences, including cognitive neuroscience, and clinical and developmental psychology. To learn more about our research, click on the menu links to the left.

Contact Us

For more information about participating in our studies, please contact us via email or phone:
    Phone:  (+1)

Research Opportunities

If you are interested in joining the ABCD Lab as a postdoctoral fellow, graduate student, research assistant or intern, please contact Dr. Krista L. Hyde.